A look for plant based diet:

When I tell the first plant-based diet you may think is it a vegan diet? No, it is not a vegan diet they have strong common points but they are different. If you read my previous post (Harms of processed meat) it would help to understand that topic if you didn’t read you can read here. Lately, resources showed us there are harms of a meat-based diet. I am not talking about harms of meat but I will give you an option over the meat-based diet. Let’s start with the difference between a plant-based diet and a vegan diet.

Differences between a plant-based diet and a vegan diet:

Both of them have strong similarities but they have some key differences; vegan diet prohibits all animal products from the egg, milk, fish, etc. When we look plant-based diet it doesn’t eliminate all animal products but it increases plant-based products and reduces animal-based products. In a plant-based diet, most of the products are plant-based but he can also eat animal products. When we look primarily plant-based diet foods it can be ordered vegetables, fruits, oils, whole legumes, nuts, seeds, and beans. 

Plant-based diet eating programs and foods:

Before you start that kind of diet you should go and see your Dr. Because that can give shape your diet for example: if you have diabetes probably your Dr. will recommend you reduce fruit there can be many different kinds of examples because of that a check-up would be better. After Dr. check now you can give shape for your diet. Starting a new diet would be hard but there are some ways before you start I can recommend you.

  1. Increase vegetables: Fill your day with vegetables and try to make it fun, more colour would be more fun.
  2. Changing Ideas: Start to change the way of looking at meat and reduce your percentage of eating meat.
  3. Fats: Choose good fats like olive oil nut butter or that kind of fats avocados can be a good choice.
  4. Whole grains: You can also include whole grains in your breakfast like oats, buckwheat, or barley. Oat can be good for a start it is not delicious but it is so good for your health. Oath includes fiber and its so good for your digestive system.
  5. Salads: Salads are maybe the easiest foods in the plant-based diet that you can reach outside. Nowadays nearly all restaurants have salad menu. That makes it easy to increase your salad meals and give shape your diet.
  6. Fruit for dessert: We all heard harms of sugar I will write more widely about that topic but today we will focus diet. Reducing sugar in your life will affect your health in a good way. You can use fruits as an option over the sugar-based dessert.

There are different percentages of food distribution for example 50% vegetables 25% whole grains and 25% lean protein, another combination that you can use will be available in our blog.

Benefits of the plant-based diet:

Changing diet can make a big effect on your health. Reducing meat is can decrease the risk of heart disease; inside meat high cholesterol and saturated fat, both of them are dangerous for your heart. If you reduce meat it will affect your heart in a good way. There is another disease that if you reduce meat you can also reduce the rate of them. Stroke Obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and many cancers. The high cholesterol and saturated fat clog your veins result of that is high blood pressure and heart attack risk. Also, there is a connection between climate change and a plant-based diet. People asking about protein. They can get that protein from plants many plants include high protein levels. You can that protein from tofu, temper, chickpeas, peanuts, and almonds, etc. Without meat, we can get all nutritions but that means not we should leave meat also we can eat meat but reducing the level of meat is more healthy than eating more. We can change our habits and that habits can change us. Changing eating habits provide us a more healthy life. Thank you for reading. You can reach references from there 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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